Rooftop Solar Panel Installation in Digha with DISCOM Vendors

With us, you can discover and compare various on-grid rooftop solar panel installation options available in Digha. Install your solar system with our vendor and get a subsidy of up to Rs. 78,000.

Generate Free Electricity with Rooftop Solar Panel Installation in Digha

Digha, a coastal town in West Bengal, is famous for its beaches and picturesque locales. It is a popular tourist spot.

As a responsible citizen of Digha and to keep the environment clean, you can now install a rooftop solar system to generate free electricity for your household. With the help of our platform, rooftop solar panel installation in Digha has now become extremely simple. You just need to apply for solar system installation, compare quotations and select the best solar installer. Our vendor will install the system according to the MNRE guidelines.

Benefits of Hiring Home Solar Power System Installers in Digha from Us

Das Energie helps you get solar solutions in Digha customised to your requirements. Here are the major benefits you will get:

  1. Multiple vendor options
  2. Competitive quotations for comparison
  3. Connecting you directly with vendors
  4. Post-installation guidance and attractive AMCs

MNRE Guidelines for Rooftop Solar Panel Installation in Digha

The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) is actively working towards having a total installed capacity of 40 GW solar panels by 2026. It has launched the PM Surya Ghar Scheme to help people install solar systems with a subsidy. 

By adhering to MNRE guidelines, our installation partners facilitate the claim of solar subsidies of up to Rs. 78,000 for rooftop solar panel installation in Digha. Your solar installation costs for a 3kW system can be around 40% lower with this subsidy.

Reasons to Hire Solar Vendors in Digha Through Das Energie

  1. You get the best DISCOM-empanelled solar installer based in Digha.
  2. You can compare multiple rooftop solar installation quotations.
  3. All our vendor partners adhere to the MNRE guidelines.
  4. They use DCR solar panels and equipment to make you eligible for subsidy.

So, get affordable quotes and customised rooftop solar panel installation with Das Energie.

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