Solar Company in Purba Medinipur for Cost-Effective Solar Installation

Das Energie is one of the trusted partners for solar panel installation. Our partnered solar companies in Purba Medinipur offer expert guidance and a seamless transition to solar power every step of the way.

Get Solar Company in Purba Medinipur for Solar Installation

Purba Medinipur, located in the southern part of West Bengal, is a diverse district known for its rich history and thriving industries. With a growing population and increasing energy demands, there is a pressing need for sustainable energy solutions in Purba Medinipur.

Das Energie facilitates the adoption of renewable energy by providing a comprehensive platform for rooftop solar panel installation. Our DISCOM-registered solar companies in Purba Medinipur ensure that you receive competitive quotations tailored to your energy requirements, making the transition to solar power both cost-effective and efficient.

Process of Hiring Rooftop Solar Panel Installation Company in Purba Medinipur

At Das Energie Private Limited, we recognise the importance of choosing the perfect solar panel installer. 

Step 1: Submitting the Quotation

Start your journey by filling out our easy-to-complete quotation form for rooftop solar panel installation. You will need to share basic details like your monthly electricity usage, your location and the capacity you are aiming for. 

Step 2: Comparing and Choosing the Quote

Once you have filled out the form, we will provide you with comprehensive quotes. These quotes will cover all the important factors influencing the cost, including the brand, model, and specifications of the solar inverters, panels, and necessary equipment. 

Step 3: Direct Contact with the Vendor

After making your choice, you will be provided with the contact information of your chosen vendor. Work closely with them as they carry out an on-site inspection of your rooftop, plan the installation, and assist with the application process for rooftop solar panel installation at WBSEDCL, the local DISCOM in Purba Medinipur.

Step 4: Installing the Solar System

Your chosen vendor will carry out the solar system installation using solar panels listed in the Approved List of Models And Manufacturers (ALMM) to ensure you are eligible for subsidies.

Step 5: Setting Up Net Metering

After installation, apply for a net meter through WBSEDCL. It tracks your electricity consumption and power import/export. Our solar installation partner will help set up the connection, wrapping up the installation process smoothly.

Why Das Energie to Find Solar Installers in Purba Medinipur

  1. We have partnered with only the DISCOM-empanelled solar vendors in Purba Medinipur
  2. Our installation partners use only ALMM-listed and DCR-certified solar module
  3. You can check solar equipment to be used with their brands, models and price
  4. Our vendors follow MNRE guidelines making you eligible to get solar subsidies
  5. You can buy solar panels and solar inverters from our installation partners at an affordable price
To ensure superior quality of solar components, our installation partners make sure that they are sourced from reliable and authorised solar panel dealers, distributors, solar shops and stores in Purba Medipur.

Cost of On Grid Rooftop Solar Installation in Purba Medinipur?

Rooftop Solar CapacityInstallation CostSubsidyCost After Subsidy
1 kWRs.90,000 – Rs.1,30,000Rs.30,000Rs.60,000 – Rs.1,00,000
2 kWRs.1,40,000 – Rs.1,80,000Rs.60,000Rs.80,000 – Rs.1,20,000
3 kWRs.1,90,000 – Rs.2,30,000Rs.78,000Rs.1,12,000 – Rs.1,52,000
4 kWRs.2,40,000 – Rs.2,80,000Rs.78,000Rs.1,62,000 – Rs.2,02,000
5 kWRs.2,90,000 – Rs.3,30,000Rs.78,000Rs.2,12,000 – Rs.2,52,000
6 kWRs.3,40,000 – Rs.3,80,000Rs.78,000Rs.2,62,000 – Rs.3,02,000
8 kWRs.4,40,000 – Rs.4,80,000Rs.78,000Rs.3,62,000 – Rs.4,02,000
10 kWRs.5,40,000 – Rs.5,80,000Rs.78,000Rs.4,62,000 – Rs.5,02,000

Making the switch to solar power in Purba Medinipur with Das Energie is simpler than ever. 

Get in touch with us now to complete your rooftop solar installation and embark on your journey towards a greener tomorrow!

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