Solar Company in Anand for Rooftop Solar Panel Installation

Install your rooftop solar system with the help of a DISCOM-empanelled solar company in Anand. Based on the MNRE guidelines, you can get a subsidy of Rs 78,000 for the installation.

Solar Company in Anand for Professional Rooftop Solar Panel Installation

The “Milk Capital of India”, Anand is the administrative centre of Anand District in the state of Gujarat, India. With high energy demands, Anand needs a proper sustainable energy solution.

Are you looking for local and trustworthy solar panel installers? Das Energie Pvt Ltd can help you connect with registered solar companies in Anand through an easy quotation process. You can buy solar panels, inverters or modules from your local solar panel dealer distributor or shop or store in Anand at affordable prices.

Steps to Install Solar System with Our Solar Company in Anand

Step 1: Fill out the quotation form with the details of your name, email, phone number, address, and monthly electricity bill.

Step 2: Choose your required DISCOM-registered vendor by comparing the prices, modules etc after getting the quotation.

Step 3: Ask your vendor for a rooftop inspection.

Step 4: When the inspection is done, ask your vendor to give you full details of the subsidised installation process.

Step 5: Complete the solar panel installation.

Step 6: Apply for net metering and then ask your vendor to help you with the net metering process.

Why Choose Das Energie for Solar Solution in Anand?

We assure you that our DISCOM-empanelled vendors follow all the guidelines of MNRE. They will use DCR (Domestic Content Requirement) modules for your solar panel installation. You can buy the ALMM-listed solar models from the registered manufacturers. We will also help you get the subsidies up to Rs. 78,000 under the recently introduced PM Surya Ghar Scheme.

To know further details, feel free to contact our solar consultants.

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