Solar Company in Andhra Pradesh for Solar System Installation

Complete rooftop solar panel installation with DISCOM empanelled solar companies in Andhra Pradesh. Compare the quotes and select the best vendor aligned with MNRE norms.

Get Solar Subsidies with a Top Solar Company in Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh receives solar insolation of more than 5 kWh/m2 each day and substantial investment in infrastructure. It is one of the top solar power-generating states in India. We aim to help you with our free quotations in choosing a solar company in Andhra Pradesh.

Our installation partners use modules listed in the ALMM which qualify homeowners to receive subsidies up to Rs.78,000 for residential solar panels in Andhra Pradesh, through the recently introduced PM Surya Ghar Muft Bijli Yojana. We can help you access these benefits by connecting you with our trusted solar companies in Andhra Pradesh.

Andhra Pradesh has built a renewable energy capacity of 8.9 GW, out of which solar energy accounts for 4.1 GW (Report by AP Economic Development Board). Moreover, state officials have claimed that Andhra has a solar potential of over 33 GW.

DISCOM Empanelled Solar Installers Andhra Pradesh

Our DISCOM-Empanelled Solar Installers in Andhra Pradesh

You can only get subsidies if you install home solar panel systems through solar installers in Andhra Pradesh who are registered with the following DISCOMs in the state:


Head Office Address

Central Power Distribution Company of A.P. Ltd.

Beside Polytechnic College, ITI Road, Vijayawada- 520008, Andhra Pradesh 

Eastern Power Distribution Company of AP Ltd.

Ullithota Street, Godavari Bund Rd, Rajamahendravaram, Andhra Pradesh 533101

Southern Power Distribution Company of AP Limited

19-13-65/A Srinivasapuram Tiruchanoor Road, Tirupati- 517 503, Andhra Pradesh 

Das Energie Private Limited collaborates with DISCOM-empanelled vendors in Andhra Pradesh who are committed to quality and reliability.

Our DISCOM-empanelled installation partners in Andhra Pradesh follow regulatory standards and facilitate seamless grid integration for rooftop solar installations. They help you buy solar panels, solar inverters and other equipment from reliable solar shops, distributors, dealers and stores near you. This way, they ensure that you get solar components at the best price.

Installation Process with Our Solar Installation Company in Andhra Pradesh

Step 1: Application Form Submission: Begin by filling out a straightforward quotation form, providing essential details such as your power consumption, address, and required capacity. Include a copy of your electricity bill for accurate assessment.

Step 2: Quotations from DISCOM-empanelled Vendors: After submitting the form, receive quotations from our solar companies empanelled with DISCOM. These quotes detail the prices of all equipment, including solar modules, inverters, and installation charges, allowing you to compare and select the best option.

Step 3: Direct Engagement with Chosen Solar Company: Upon choosing a solar company, engage directly with them to schedule a site inspection and finalise installation plans. Our vendors ensure compliance with MNRE guidelines and use DCR solar modules to secure subsidies.

Step 4: Efficient Installation Process: Our experienced installers handle the installation process with precision and efficiency. Rest assured knowing that your rooftop solar system is in capable hands, backed till the end with net metering.

Step 5: Customer Support: Throughout the process, from quotation to installation, enjoy peace of mind knowing that you are supported by our team of energy experts.

We are dedicated to ensuring a hassle-free experience for you, so fill out our form and get started.

Advantages of Finding a Solar Company in Andhra Pradesh Through Us

  • Our platform facilitates connections with DISCOM-empanelled solar vendors in Andhra Pradesh.
  • Receive competitive quotations from our vendors, empowering you to make informed decisions based on pricing and services, all without any pushy sales calls.
  • Connect directly with vendors who adhere strictly to MNRE-approved guidelines, ensuring top-notch quality installations that meet industry standards.
  • Rest assured about timely maintenance and post-installation assistance from our vendors, guaranteeing that your solar modules operate efficiently for the long term.
  • Utilise our quotation comparison facility to procure solar panels at a competitive rate, giving you the best value for your investment in sustainable energy solutions.

What Do Our Solar Quotes in Andhra Pradesh Comprise?

We aim to ensure you have all the necessary information at your fingertips to transit to solar seamlessly. Our quotations contain detailed information on equipment specifics, which includes solar panels, inverters, batteries, ACDB box, DCDB box, wiring and lightning arrestor.

We also outline subsidy eligibility criteria and estimated installation timelines. With transparent pricing and expert guidance, you can make informed decisions and embark on your solar journey with confidence.

Solar Quotes in Andhra Pradesh

Solar Projects in Andhra Pradesh and MNRE’s Goals

The state’s vision extends beyond mere solar power generation. The world’s largest Integrated Renewable Energy Storage Project (IRESP) is currently under construction in Andhra Pradesh. Additionally, in 2022, Andhra Pradesh commissioned a path-breaking 3 MW floating solar project on the Meghadri Gedda Reservoir in Vishakhapatnam. 

The MNRE also encourages this shift, in line with its ambitious goals of 40 GW of rooftop solar power and 60 GW of utility projects by 2026. 

Contribute to such initiatives with our simple quotation process and switch to solar by choosing a solar company in Andhra Pradesh.

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