Solar Company in Arambagh Providing Solar Installation Service

With us, you can discover and compare various solar quotations on on-grid rooftop solar panel installation. Install your solar system with our solar company in Arambagh and get a subsidy of up to Rs.78,000.

Rooftop Solar Panel Installation Company in Arambagh

The Dwarakeswar River, offering a blend of rocky uplands and flat alluvial plains, divides Arambagh town. With a largely rural population, Arambagh is now embracing sustainable energy solutions like rooftop solar panel installation.

Das Energie has made transitioning to solar panels easier in the municipality by partnering with local DISCOM empanelled solar companies and vendors in Arambagh. Our partners use DCR (Domestic Content Requirement) modules which are in the ALMM, making you eligible for subsidies. Moreover, individual solar shops, stores, dealers or distributors in Arambagh are in connection with us to buy solar products, helping us avoid unfair prices. On our quotations, you will get to check the solar panels, inverters and other models that our installers will use.

Benefits of Hiring Solar Company in Arambagh from Us

Das Energie helps you get solar solutions in Arambagh customised to your requirements. Here are the major benefits:

  1. Multiple vendor options
  2. Get expert support and make informed decisions
  3. Competitive quotations for comparison
  4. Avoid intrusive sales calls

Fill out our free solar quotation form and enjoy these benefits.

MNRE Guidelines for Installation by Solar Company in Arambagh

The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) is actively working towards having a total installed capacity of 40 GW solar panels by 2026. It has launched the PM Surya Ghar Scheme to help people install solar systems with a subsidy. 

By adhering to MNRE guidelines, our installation partners facilitate the claim of solar subsidies of up to Rs.78,000 for rooftop solar panel installation in Arambagh. 

All you need to do is fill out our solar quotation form and select your solar installer.

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