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Our platform gives you free quotations from DISCOM-approved vendors for rooftop solar panel installation in Chhattisgarh. Stand to gain subsidies of up to Rs.78,000 by switching to solar energy with us.

Solar Company in Chhattisgarh for Solar System Installation

Chhattisgarh, historically reliant on coal for its energy needs, is now switching to solar power at a remarkable pace. As of September 2023, solar installations have surged, constituting approximately 5% of the state’s total installed capacity of 13.6 GW. Das Energie Private Limited partners with the top solar companies in Chattisgarh helping you connect with DISCOM approved solar installers, through our simple quotation process.

Progress in the Solar Power Generation in Chhattisgarh

Notably, the open-access solar capacity experienced a remarkable uptick from 3 MW in Q2 2023 to 28 MW in Q3 2023. By September 2023’s end, Chhattisgarh boasted a cumulative solar capacity of 380.7 MW, ranking ninth nationally and contributing 3.5% to India’s total. You can also contribute to this by installing home solar panels with our vetted installers.

Installation Process Followed by Solar Company in Chattisgarh

  • Provide basic details in our free solar quotation form.
  • Receive and review quotes from DISCOM-approved installers.
  • Choose the best-suited vendor in Chattisgarh and discuss project specifics.
  • Install your solar system, and connect it to the grid with a net meter from DISCOM.

Our expert installers adhere to MNRE guidelines, making you eligible for subsidies.

Why Choose Us for Rooftop Solar Panel Installation in Chhattisgarh?

  • Receive customised quotations after filling out our simple solar application form.
  • Select from a range of DISCOM-registered and local solar companies in Chhattisgarh.
  • Experience MNRE-compliant installation coordinated directly with your chosen solar company.
  • Access post-installation support and explore attractive Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) options.
  • Enjoy the flexibility to schedule installation at your convenience.
  • Our vendors buy solar modules in the ALMM qualifying you for subsidies.
  • Buy high-quality solar panels and equipment from reliable distributors, solar stores, dealers and distributors in Chhattisgarh.

With our detailed quotes, you can easily choose the best solar company in Chattisgarh.

How Much Can I Save with Solar Subsidy in Chhattisgarh?

Choosing a solar company in Chattisgarh through Das Energie unlocks significant savings, thanks to subsidies of up to Rs.78,000. Let’s delve into the numbers:

For instance, the cost of a 3 kW solar system typically ranges from Rs. 1,90,000 to Rs. 2,30,000. However, with the application of subsidies, this expense is effectively reduced to between Rs. 1,12,000 and Rs. 1,52,000.

Moreover, with a solar installation, you can enjoy approximately 360 units of free electricity each month for the next 25 years, providing enduring financial benefits. Solar power not only proves to be a wise investment but also contributes significantly to environmental conservation.

Considering a 2 kW system, the initial cost might fall between Rs. 1,40,000 and Rs. 1,80,000. After factoring in the subsidy, the price would be approximately Rs. 80,000 to Rs. 1,20,000. This ensures substantial savings and long-term economic advantages similar to larger systems.

Get Detailed Solar Installation Quotations by Solar Company in Chattisgarh

We provide you with multiple quotations within two days of your application. These quotations contain the following details:

  • All the equipment to be used like inverters, ACDB and DCDB box etc
  • Brand name, model name and number
  • Detailed breakdown of installation costs and price of each equipment
  • Warranty details for solar panels and related components
  • Timeline and schedule for installation
  • Terms and conditions of service and post-installation support

Das Energie connects you with dedicated solar companies in Chhattisgarh, facilitating a seamless transition to sustainable energy solutions.

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State DISCOMs and Solar Subsidy Schemes in Chattisgarh

There are only two DISCOMS in Chattisgarh that the MNRE authorises: CSPDCL and the Electricity Department of Chandigarh. Our installation partners are registered under these two DISCOMS only. If you install home solar panels through our solar installers, you can become eligible for subsidies under the scheme.

Start your installation process by connecting with your favoured solar company in Chhattisgarh now!

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