Solar Company in Cooch Behar for Subsidised Rooftop Solar Installation

We streamline your process to find the best solar panel installer in Cooch Behar with an easy quotation process. Our DISCOM-certified solar company will guide you throughout the installation process.

Solar Company in Cooch Behar offering Quality Solar Installation

Cooch Behar, known for its rich cultural heritage and royal history is now embracing renewable energy solutions like rooftop solar panel installation. Situated in the northern part of West Bengal, Cooch Behar presents a prime opportunity for residents to harness solar power.

Our platform connects you with DISCOM-empanelled solar companies in Cooch Behar, ensuring certified professionals for seamless installation. These vendors adhere to MNRE guidelines, guaranteeing quality installations and eligibility for government subsidies. They buy high-quality solar modules from solar distributors, dealers, shops and solar stores in Cooch Behar.

Cost-Effective Solar Panel Distributors in Cooch Behar

Our vendors ensure eligibility for government incentives. This includes the recently introduced Pradhan Mantri Surya Ghar Muft Bijli Yojana (PMSGMBY), which offers a subsidy of up to Rs.78,000.

You can also save on your electricity bills. Upon installation of only a 1kW rooftop solar panel system, you can save up to Rs.960 per month.

What Do Our Solar Quotations from Solar Company in Cooch Behar Include?

Once you have filled up our solar form, you will receive quotations from solar panel distributors in Cooch Behar within 2 days. Our quotations contain model name, number, price and installation charges of all major equipment required for solar panel installation. This would include DCR solar modules, inverter, solar battery, ACDB box and DCDB box, net metering etc. For further details, contact us and get to know more.

Why Opt for Das Energie for Your Solar Installation in Cooch Behar?

  • Expert Solar Vendors: Our partners in Cooch Behar are seasoned professionals who strictly follow MNRE’s quality standards.
  • Thorough Quotations: You will receive detailed quotations that list the brand and model of solar inverters, panels and other required components, ensuring full transparency in costs and specifications.
  • Adherence to MNRE Guidelines: Our partners comply with MNRE guidelines, simplifying the process of claiming solar subsidies for Cooch Behar residents.
  • Tailored Services: Experience personalised assistance and guidance throughout the solar installation journey, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience from beginning to end.
  • Affordable Solutions: Das Energie provides cost-effective solar solutions that cater to your energy needs while promoting a sustainable future for Cooch Behar.

Take the first step by connecting with a solar company in Cooch Behar. Request a free quotation today and go towards a sustainable future!

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