Solar Company in Darjeeling for Grid-Tied Rooftop Solar Panel Installation

Solar panel installation is now more convenient with Das Energie. We help you get quotations from the nearby solar company in Darjeeling. Compare quotations and select the best solar panel distributor in Darjeeling.

Connect with Solar Company in Darjeeling

Darjeeling, nestled in the eastern Himalayas, is a popular tourist destination known for its mountains, tea gardens and rich culture. The city has also taken steps to embrace renewable energy solutions, being a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Our platform connects you with DISCOM-empanelled solar vendors, shops and companies in Darjeeling that provide rooftop solar panel installation. We ensure reliable and certified professionals for seamless installation. Our installation partners adhere to industry standards and MNRE guidelines. This ensures your eligibility for a government solar subsidy under the Pradhan Mantri Surya Ghar Muft Bijli Yojana (PMSGMBY), providing up to Rs.78,000.

Advantages of Choosing Us for Rooftop Solar Panel Installation in Darjeeling

  1. Free quotations and unbiased consultation
  2. Multiple DISCOM registered and local vendors in Darjeeling to choose from
  3. Connecting you directly with solar company in Darjeeling
  4. Post-installation guidance and attractive AMCs
  5. Decide when and how you want to be contacted
  6. Our vendors follow MNRE guidelines making you eligible for subsidies
  7. Buy solar panels and equipment at a low price as they are sourced only from official solar stores, dealers and distributors in Darjeeling

Details You will Get in Quotations from Solar Panel Companies in Darjeeling

Das Energie provides transparent quotations. These quotes comprise detailed information about solar equipment, including solar modules, solar inverters, mounting structures and installation charges. The details also include price, model name and number of all major components. This enables you to make an informed choice before selecting a vendor for rooftop solar panel installation in Darjeeling.

Cost Calculation of Rooftop Solar Panel Installation in Darjeeling

Installing solar systems in Darjeeling has become extremely affordable. The cost of a 1 kW solar system is estimated to be around Rs.90,000 – Rs.1,30,000. However, if you are eligible for a subsidy of Rs.30,000, the cost can be reduced to Rs.60,000 – Rs.1,00,000. Similarly, a 2 kW solar system may cost you around Rs.1,40,000 – Rs.1,80,000, but after a subsidy of Rs.60,000, the cost comes down to Rs.80,000 – Rs.1,20,000.

For a 3 kW solar system, the estimated cost is around Rs.1,90,000 – Rs.2,30,000, but with a subsidy of Rs.78,000, the cost can be brought down to Rs.1,12,000 – Rs.1,52,000. You can enjoy these prices if you install solar systems through Das Energie.

For more details, get in touch with our solar consultation teams. Take the first step towards a sustainable future in Darjeeling and request a free quotation today!

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