Trusted Solar Company in Diamond Harbour for Solar Installation

Save on your monthly electricity bill by installing rooftop solar panels on your house. Find the best DISCOM-registered solar panel company in Diamond Harbour with Das Energie Private Limited.

Advantages of Rooftop Solar Installation with Solar Company in Diamond Harbour

Diamond Harbour, located in the South 24 Parganas district of West Bengal, is a picturesque town situated near the confluence of the Ganges. As the demand for sustainable energy sources grows, Diamond Harbour presents a promising landscape for transitioning towards solar power. We at Das Energie Private Limited, help you connect with a solar company in Diamond Harbour of your choice, facilitating a smooth switch.

You can ensure long-term savings by going solar. For example, a 1 kW rooftop solar system in Diamond Harbour saves electricity bills by up to 120 units per month for nearly 25 years.

Why Das Energie for Finding Solar Company in Diamond Harbour?

Das Energie Private Limited partners exclusively with DISCOM-certified vendors and installation teams, ensuring compliance with DCR models. They follow all MNRE guidelines for rooftop solar panel installation in Diamond Harbour. All these help you qualify for subsidies worth up to Rs.78,000.

Rooftop Solar Panel Installation Process in Diamond Harbour

  • Begin by submitting a form for quotations.
  • Compare our DISCOM-empanelled solar installers in Diamond Harbour.
  • Plan and complete installation adhering to MNRE guidelines.
  • Our vendor helps you complete net metering.

Our installation partners buy solar panels and inverters for you from reliable solar stores, shops, solar dealers and distributors in Diamond Harbour. Our simplified approach and practices empower your transition making it easy for you.

Cost of Rooftop Solar Panel Installation in Diamond Harbour

With subsidies available up to Rs.78,000, installing a home solar system in Diamond Harbour becomes more affordable. For instance, a 3 kW system typically costs around Rs.1,90,000 – Rs.2,30,000. You can see a substantial reduction to  Rs.1,12,000 – Rs.1,52,000 post-subsidy. Investing in solar power offers long-term financial benefits while promoting sustainability.

Fill out our form and get multiple, free quotations from solar companies in Diamond Harbour to enjoy these subsidies.

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