Solar Company in Jalpaiguri for Subsidised Rooftop Installation

Install rooftop solar panels in Jalpaiguri with the right solar installer near you. Our installation partner follows MNRE instructions so you can claim a solar subsidy of up to Rs.78,000.

Get Connected with Solar Company in Jalpaiguri Through Das Energie

Jalpaiguri, in the northern part of West Bengal, is known for its scenic beauty and tea cultivation. As a significant urban centre in the region and due to its altitude, Jalpaiguri is increasingly embracing renewable energy solutions like rooftop solar panel installations to meet its energy demands. 

Despite being a heavy-rainfall region, Jalpaiguri sees a lot of sunlight with an annual average temperature of 24.8 °C, making it ideal for home solar panel systems. 

Das Energie Private Limited facilitates the transition to solar, providing accessible and reliable solar power options. There are more than 8 lakh households in Jalpaiguri and if we can help them in their transition to solar, it can substantially help the country to achieve sustainable energy generation goal. You can enjoy the benefits of solar energy with our quotations from the partnered solar company in Jalpaiguri.

Cost-Effective Home Solar Panel System Installation in Jalpaiguri with Subsidy

With rising electricity costs, switching to rooftop solar panels in Jalpaiguri can substantially save your electricity bills. For example, a 3kW rooftop solar system can save you up to 360 units of electricity per month, translating to significant long-term financial benefits. 

Your shift to solar can make you eligible for subsidies if you connect with WBSEDCL-registered solar vendors. We partner with these vendors and they comply with MNRE guidelines, making homeowners eligible for the government subsidy.  Through the PM Surya Ghar Muft Bijli Yojana, residents can avail up to Rs. 78,000 for rooftop solar panel installations.

Home Solar Panel System Installation in Jalpaiguri

Process to Connect with Our Partnered Solar Companies in Jalpaiguri

Step 1: Quotation Request: Begin by filling out our quote form with essential details such as your electricity consumption, address and desired system capacity.

Step 2: Vendor Selection: Receive and compare quotes from our network of WBSEDCL-registered solar vendors in Jalpaiguri. Choose the best-suited installer based on pricing, equipment quality, and customer reviews.

Step 3: Installation Planning: Collaborate with your selected vendor to plan the installation process. They help you buy DCR solar modules, solar inverters, etc., from reliable solar dealers, distributors, shops and stores in Jalpaiguri and ensure that the installation is as per MNRE guidelines.

Step 4: Professional Installation: Our installation process guarantees seamless integration and minimal customer involvement. Additionally, our installation partners will assist you in applying for net metering through WBSEDCL.

In addition, with our assistance, you can apply for net meter installation offline by visiting the WBSEDCL offices in UM Sectorm NBPP Sector, Belacoba, Fulbari hat, Moynaguri, Changrabandha and Dhupguri.

Our simplified vendor-customer connection procedure facilitates the search for a reliable solar company in Jalpaiguri. Start this process and get solar quotes now!

Cost Calculation for Rooftop Solar Panel Installation in Jalpaiguri

  • Rs. Rs.90,000 – Rs.1,30,000 for a 1 kW System (with subsidy, you will have to pay Rs.60,000 – Rs.1,00,000)
  • Rs.1,40,000 – Rs.1,80,000 for a 2 kW System (with subsidy, you will have to pay Rs.80,000 – Rs.1,20,000)
  • Rs.1,90,000 – Rs.2,30,000 for a 3 kW System (with subsidy, you will have to pay Rs.1,12,000 – Rs.1,52,000)

Partner with Das Energie today and embark on your journey towards sustainable energy. Get free quotations today and pick any solar company in Jalpaiguri!

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