Top Solar Company in Jhargram to Install On-Grid Rooftop Solar Panel

Discover on-grid rooftop solar panel installation options in Jhargram with our trusted vendors. Ensure seamless solar integration with the grid and a reliable energy supply for your home.

Get Detailed Quotations From the Leading Solar Company in Jhargram

Jhargram is a planned urban area that attracts tourists due to its sal forests, ancient temples and royal palaces. It has a humid and tropical climate which sees high temperatures, making it favourable to harness solar energy. We have simplified this solar transition with our quotation process for home solar panel systems in Jhargram.

Our quotations provide transparent pricing and detailed information on equipment, installation charges and subsidy eligibility. Compare quotes from DISCOM-certified vendors through us to make informed decisions.

Advantages of Solar Panels Installation in Jhargram with Das Energie

  1. Our quotations provide a clear breakdown of pricing, including equipment costs and installation charges.
  2. We provide unbiased consultation throughout the installation, ensuring you have a complete understanding of the products being offered. 
  3. We connect you with the best solar companies who work as per MNRE guidelines. This enables you to qualify for solar subsidies making the solar installation cost-effective.

Meet Our DISCOM-Certified Vendors in Jhargram

Partner with our DISCOM-registered solar vendors in Jhargram for professional and MNRE-compliant rooftop solar installations. Our vetted installation partners ensure adherence to regulatory standards for reliable and efficient solar solutions. They use solar models listed in the Approved List of Models and Manufacturers (ALMM).

By prioritising the use of domestically manufactured solar components and DCR solar modules, they contribute to the growth of the local solar industry while ensuring compliance with government regulations. You can also enjoy subsidies because our installation partners help you buy solar panels, inverters and other equipment from reliable solar panel stores, shops, solar distributors and solar dealers in Jhargram.

Unlock Subsidy Benefits for Solar Installation in Jhargram

Maximise cost savings with government subsidies for rooftop solar panel installation in Jhargram:

  • For a 1 kW system, the total cost is Rs.90,000 – Rs.1,30,000. With the subsidy, you’ll only have to pay Rs.60,000 – Rs.1,00,000.
  • For a 2 kW system, the total cost is Rs.1,40,000 – Rs.1,80,000. With the subsidy, you’ll only have to pay Rs.80,000 – Rs.1,20,000.
  • For a 3 kW system, the total cost is Rs.1,90,000 – Rs.2,30,000. With the subsidy, you’ll only have to pay Rs.1,12,000 – Rs.1,52,000.
  • For a 4 kW system, the total cost is Rs.2,40,000 – Rs.2,80,000. With the subsidy, you’ll only have to pay Rs.1,62,000 – Rs.2,02,000.
  • For a 5 kW system, the total cost is Rs.2,90,000 – Rs.3,30,000. With the subsidy, you’ll only have to pay Rs.2,12,000 – Rs.2,52,000.

Our streamlined process makes it easy for you to access subsidies and transition to sustainable solar energy seamlessly. Take advantage of these benefits to make your solar installation more affordable and cost-effective with our solar company in Jhargram.

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