Solar Company in Kalimpong for Installing Solar System

Our platform gives you the best quotations for rooftop solar panel installation in Kalimpong from solar vendors near you. Compare the quotes and select your preferred vendor.

DISCOM-Registered Solar Company in Kalimpong for Rooftop Installation

Kalimpong is a hill town located in the northernmost part of West Bengal. It is a popular tourist destination. The district is looking to lower its dependence on the grid. Das Energie provides accessible and reliable solar installation solutions for homeowners looking at alternatives to grid-tied electricity.

We offer a seamless on-grid solar panel installation process in Kalimpong. We help you connect with DISCOM-registered solar companies in Kalimpong. Our installation partners follow all the necessary guidelines of MNRE so that you get a solar subsidy of up to Rs.78,000.

What is our Rooftop Solar Panel Installation Process in Kalimpong?

  • Quotation Submission: Fill out our form with essential details like power usage, address, and desired capacity. Attach your electricity bill for accurate assessment.
  • Quote Comparison: Compare quotations from our approved vendors, detailing equipment and installation charges.
  • Vendor Engagement: Choose a solar installer and schedule a site inspection to finalise installation plans.
  • Installation Process: Our skilled installers will set up your rooftop solar system efficiently and precisely.
  • Net Metering Completion: Apply for net metering to monitor energy usage and grid interaction seamlessly.

Our installation partners will assist you throughout the process. All you have to do is fill out our simple quotation form and let us manage your installation process.

Who are our Solar Installers in Kalimopong?

In Kalimpong, the WBSEDCL plays a pivotal role in delivering reliable electricity services to residents, ensuring uninterrupted power supply. Our carefully selected DISCOM-empanelled vendors in Kalimpong adhere rigorously to the MNRE guidelines.

Our installation partners use solar panels included in the ALMM list, guaranteeing adherence to industry standards. This enables residents to seamlessly transition to solar energy, reducing their dependence on conventional grid-based electricity.

Our solar experts help you buy solar inverters and panels from solar dealers, distributors and solar shops and stores in Kalimpong. It helps you get the equipment at a lower price.

Choose the Right Solar Panel Capacity with any Solar Company in Kalimpong

Evaluate your energy consumption and budget to determine your home’s ideal rooftop solar system capacity. Our energy advisors can assist you in selecting the most suitable system size to meet your specific needs and maximise energy savings.

Partner with Das Energie today and embark on your journey towards sustainable energy in Kalimpong.

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