Solar Company in Mizoram for Affordable Rooftop Installation

Das Energie is a streamlined online platform for finding the leading solar company in Mizoram for rooftop solar panel installation. Compare our quotes before selecting a vendor near you.

Currently, Mizoram has a solar power capacity of 2 MW out of 30 MW installed renewable energy capacity. This capacity signifies the state’s commitment to gradually transitioning towards energy security and fulfilling its 9 GW solar potential.

Solar Company in Mizoram for Affordable Solar Installation

With Das Energie, you can now embrace the power of solar energy in Mizoram. Our services facilitate seamless rooftop solar panel installations, assisting you to reduce your carbon footprint and contribute to a cleaner, greener future. 

Within 2 days you will get multiple solar quotations from vendors near you by filling out our easy-to-fill application form. 

Contribute to the state’s potential by choosing a solar company in Mizoram with our simple quotation process and get started on your solar journey!

DISCOM Empanelled Solar Installers in Mizoram

All of our installers are empanelled with the Power & Electricity Department, Government of Mizoram. It is the only electricity supplier that is registered with the MNRE. This ensures that you benefit from substantial subsidies of up to Rs. 78,000 under the recently introduced Pradhan Mantri Surya Ghar Muft Bijli Yojana (PMSGMBY), making solar energy more accessible and affordable than ever before.

Our partners also buy solar panels, inverters and other equipment from vetted solar shops, stores, distributors and dealers in Mizoram. This is also important to qualify you for solar subsidy in Mizoram.

Solar Installation Process in Mizoram

Solar Installation Process of Solar Companies in Mizoram

  1. Fill out a straightforward application form. Provide specifics like your energy consumption, location and preferred system size and attach your electricity bill for an accurate assessment.
  2. Obtain personalised quotations from our Power & Electricity Department-empanelled installers. Detailed quotes contain costs for all solar equipment and installation charges.
  3. Review and select the provider that best fits your needs autonomously. Schedule a visit for them to inspect your site and discuss the installation schedule.
  4. Rest assured that our providers adhere to MNRE guidelines and use ALMM-approved modules to ensure you’re eligible for subsidies under PMSGMBY.
  5. Let our solar energy experts keep you informed and help you make the best choices throughout the process.
  6. Apply for the net metering application process so you can monitor your energy consumption and let our installation partners ensure grid connection with ease.

Benefits of Switching to Solar with Solar Company in Mizoram

Switching to solar offers dual benefits:

Cost Efficiency: Take a 3 kW solar panel setup in Mizoram as an example—it can lead to impressive savings on power costs. Generating around 12 units daily, this adds up to 360 units each month and about Rs. 34,560 in a year, cutting your electricity expenses and boosting long-term savings.

Eco-Friendly Living: It’s not just about saving money; solar rooftops make a real difference for the planet. The same 3 kW system can prevent roughly 130 metric tons of CO2 from entering the atmosphere over 25 years. That’s the green equivalent of planting a mini forest of 130 trees or taking 3 cars off the road. Solar energy is a powerful step towards a cleaner environment.

For such cost-effective solar solutions fill out our solar quote application form and transition to clean energy without breaking the bank.

Solar Installation Policy in Mizoram

Mizoram’s solar policy sets ambitious targets to bolster the state’s energy sustainability and ensure a dependable power supply. These targets include:

  • The installation of 80 MW of solar projects, aligns with the state’s renewable purchase obligation of 10.5 per cent. 
  • The policy mandates rooftop solar installations for state government buildings, institutes and central government offices. 
  • Promotes grid-connected solar rooftop projects across public buildings and residential, commercial and industrial establishments, with net metering throughout the state.

This shows initial progress towards achieving its ambitious targets outlined in the solar policy introduced.

MNRE Targets for Mizoram

As the state capital, Aizawl, along with other towns like Lunglei and Champhai is going through rapid urbanisation, the Power & Electricity Department, Government of Mizoram is facing a power shortage. Therefore, it is encouraging you to switch to rooftop solar to decrease the burden on conventional grid-connected electricity. 

With this growing emphasis, Das Energie Private Limited has made your solar journey easy and convenient with our free quotation process. This also aligns with the MNRE’s ambitious target of achieving 40GW of solar rooftop installations by 2026 and India’s broader renewable energy target of 500GW by 2030. 

Join the movement towards renewable energy in Mizoram with Das Energie. Connect with us today to take the first step towards a brighter, sustainable tomorrow.

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