Solar Company in Murshidabad Providing Best Rooftop Solar Panel Installation

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Solar Company in Murshidabad Offering Rooftop Solar Installation

A city of historical importance, Murshidabad is situated on the eastern bank of the Bhagirathi River. It is renowned for its silk and metal industry. The city is looking to decrease its dependence on grid-tied electricity by switching to solar panel systems.

Das Energie offers accessible solar power solutions by connecting you to our DISCOM-registered installers. We partner with local solar panel shops, stores, dealers and distributors in Murshidabad to help you get solar equipment at the best price. You can also get our guidance throughout the installation process.

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Advantages of Solar Panel Installation in Murshidabad

With a 2kW rooftop solar system in Murshidabad, you can save up to 240 units of electricity per month for nearly 25 years.  The local DISCOM in Murshidabad, WBSEDCL charges around Rs.8 per unit. This enables you to save close to Rs.1,920 each month on your electricity bill. If your energy requirement is higher, you can install a solar system with higher capacity.

Contact our energy advisors to know how much solar capacity your household will require!

Das Energie collaborates with DISCOM-registered solar companies and vendors in Murshidabad who strictly adhere to MNRE guidelines, making you eligible for subsidies of up to Rs.78,000.

How to Find Solar Installation Company in Murshidabad

Step 1: Fill out our solar quotation form with essential details such as power consumption, address and desired capacity, with a copy of your electricity bill.

Step 2: Receive and compare quotes from our approved solar vendors in Murshidabad. Check equipment details and cost information and find the cost-effective optimal solution.

Step 3: Arrange a site visit with the selected solar installation company and plan the installation process. 

Step 4: Relax while our skilled team efficiently installs your rooftop solar system, prioritising quality and your satisfaction. They will install your solar system according to MNRE standards for subsidy eligibility.

Step 5: Apply for net metering with WBSEDCL through our partners and integrate with the grid.

What to Check on Quotations from Solar Installers in Murshidabad

Our quotations offer transparent pricing and detailed information about solar modules, inverters, net metering and installation charges of solar installation in Murshidabad. You will know model names, serial numbers, product-specific warranties and overall prices of each equipment. 

Our installers source solar components from the best solar stores, shops, dealers and distributors in Murshidad. Rest assured about their quality and price.

Partner with Das Energie today to begin your journey towards sustainable energy independence in Murshidabad.

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