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Complete rooftop solar panel installation with WBSEDCL-empanelled vendors according to MNRE guidelines. Compare the quotes and select a solar company in Rampurhat.

Get the Best Solar Company in Rampurhat for Installing Solar Panel

Rampurhat is a populous town in West Bengal’s Birbhum district with huge energy needs. It is turning to renewable energy options like rooftop solar panels to meet its demands. Residents in Rampurhat can benefit from government subsidies of up to Rs.78,000 for solar panel installation.

To help over 44,000 households in Rampurhat qualify for subsidies, we have partnered with reliable and affordable solar companies in Rampurhat that adhere to MNRE guidelines and use solar equipment listed in the ALMM. Our installers in Rampurhat also assist residents in navigating the subsidy process, ensuring they maximise their savings and benefit from renewable energy initiatives.

Advantages of Rooftop Installation by Our Solar Company in Rampurhat

  • Installing a 1kW system in Rampurhat generates 120 units reducing your electric bills and saving you Rs.960 (120 units x Rs. 8) each month for 25 years.
  • Decreases reliance on conventional energy sources and grid-tied electricity.
  • Installing a 1kW solar system on your rooftop can be equivalent to reducing the carbon footprint of planting 50 trees.

What Can You Get on Our Quotations From Solar Company in Rampurhat?

Our vetted solar companies in Rampurhat provide quotations that include detailed breakdowns of equipment prices, brand number model name & number and installation charges of all major equipment. This includes solar modules, inverters, ACDB and DCDB Box and Array Junction Box (AJB). They buy solar panels and other equipment from reputed dealers, distributors, solar shops and stores in Rampurhat. It leads to a significant reduction in the installation cost.

Our Assistance in Net Meter Installation

We provide consultancy and assistance in installing the net meter with the residential rooftop solar system. Our assistance helps you connect with WBSEDCL offices in Rampurhat, Margram, Sainthia, Mayureshwar, Mollarpur, and Muraroi for offline net meter installation. Alternatively, to apply for a net meter online you can visit the National portal for rooftop solar installation.

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