Solar Company in Tripura for Installing Rooftop Solar System in Home

Our platform gives you multiple free quotations from DISCOM-registered vendors for rooftop solar panel installation in Tripura. Stand to get a subsidy of up to Rs.78,000.

With us, you can get multiple affordable quotes from vendors near you. Our installation partners follow MNRE guidelines and qualify you for subsidies under the Pradhan Mantri Surya Ghar Muft Bijli Yojana (PMSGMBY).

Solar Company in Tripura Unlocking State's Solar Potential

Tripura boasts a promising solar power potential of 2,000 MW. Despite this, the current solar power generation stands at a modest 19.50 MW as of March 2024. However, the state government has set its sights on a bolder vision, aiming to harness 500 MW of solar power by 2030 to cater to its increasing energy demands.

Make your own contribution to this target with solar panel installation on your house rooftop. Das Energie Private Limited now lets you connect with local solar companies in Tripura.

What Can You See in Our Solar Installation Quotations in Tripura?

After filling up our solar application form you can receive comprehensive quotations from solar installers within 2 days. 

These quotations contain essential details such as model name, number, price and installation charges for all major equipment necessary for solar panel installation. Equipment includes DCR solar modules, inverters, solar batteries, ACDB boxes, DCDB boxes, net metering components and more. 

Our installers buy equipment from vetted solar stores, dealers, distributors and shops in Tripura to ensure quality and affordability.

For additional information and to explore further details, feel free to contact us. We are here to assist you every step of the way. Begin your solar journey.

Rooftop Solar Installation with DISCOM Solar Company in Tripura

The DISCOM overseeing energy distribution in Tripura, Tripura State Electricity Corporation Limited (TSECL) plays a key role in the adoption of renewable energy across the state. With its commitment to promoting sustainable practices and ensuring energy security, TSECL has registered with the MNRE.

Our platform features a carefully curated selection of TSECL-empanelled vendors in Tripura who have been vetted for their expertise, reliability and commitment to quality. These vendors bring a wealth of experience and technical knowledge to the table. 

3 local TSECL-empanelled installers in Tripura till now are as follows:

  • Sreeja Green Energy
  • Insight Consultants
  • Raima Energy LLP

To know further details visit the list of TSECL-empanelled solar installers in Tripura on the official PM Surya Ghar website.

We ensure that customers receive top-notch service and tailored solutions for their solar energy needs. Our vetted installers are equipped to deliver high-quality solar installations that meet MNRE guidelines, making solar installations subsidised.

Step-By-Step Guide to the Rooftop Solar Panel Installation Process

Step 1: Consultation and Quotation: Begin by requesting solar panel installation quotations. Our vendors will provide transparent quotations detailing all aspects, including equipment specifications and installation costs.

Step 2: Site Assessment: Once you have selected a solar company in Tripura, they will conduct a site assessment. Finalise the suitable location and configuration for your solar panels.

Step 3: Solar System Installation: With the site assessment complete, our vendors will proceed with the installation of your rooftop solar panels, ensuring adherence to all safety and quality standards.

Benefits of Solar Installation in Tripura

  • Installing a 1kW system in Tripura generates 120 units and saves you Rs.960 (120 units x Rs. 8) each month for 25 years.
  • Decreases reliance on conventional energy sources and grid-tied electricity.
  • Installing a 1kW solar system on your rooftop can be equivalent to reducing the carbon footprint of planting 50 trees.
  • Tripura State Electricity Commission tariff starts from 4.23 to 7.70 per unit for the FY 2023-24. You can reduce your electricity bill with solar panel installation.

Contact us and enjoy these benefits as we facilitate your transition to solar energy.

Advantages of Hiring Our Partnered Solar Company in Tripura

  • Fill out our form and receive transparent quotations from multiple solar installers.
  • Connect with reputable installers approved by TSECL for reliable service.
  • Access subsidies for your solar installation, making it more affordable.
  • Choose from ALMM-listed solar modules and top-quality equipment for your system.
  • Benefit from our expert guidance and support throughout the installation process.
  • Our installers stick to deadlines, ensuring your solar project is completed promptly so you can enjoy the benefits sooner.
  • Our experienced energy advisors provide unbiased assistance, helping you make informed decisions about your solar installation.
  • Control how you communicate with us. Choose your preferred mode of contact to avoid unwanted sales calls and ensure a smoother experience.

Tripura’s endeavours in the realm of solar energy epitomise its commitment to a sustainable energy future. Through strategic investments and collaborative partnerships, the state is poised to unlock its vast solar potential, paving the way for a greener, more energy-resilient tomorrow.

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