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Rooftop Solar Panel Installation in Naihati with Das Energie

Naihati is a part of the Kolkata Metropolitan Area and an industrial and commercial centre in the Hooghly Industrial Belt. This makes the municipality primed to embrace renewable energy solutions. As residents are searching for local and trusted vendors, Das Energie streamlines the transition process in easy steps.

You fill up our solar quotation form. Our solar installation partners will send you quotes according to your energy requirements. Their quotes include the model number and brand name of all equipment with the price. We will share it with you within a maximum of 2 days. You can compare those quotes to get the best vendor for you.

Cost and Subsidy Breakdown for Rooftop Solar System Installation in Naihati

  1. 1 kW System: Estimated at Rs.90,000, with a subsidy of Rs.30,000, bringing the final cost down to Rs.60,000.
  2. 2 kW System: Priced at Rs.1,40,000, post-subsidy cost amounts to Rs.80,000 with a subsidy of Rs.60,000.
  3. 3 kW System: Estimated at Rs.1,90,000, with a subsidy of Rs.78,000, bringing the final cost down to Rs.1,12,000.
  4. 4 kW System: Priced at Rs.2,50,000, after a subsidy of Rs.78,000, the final cost amounts to Rs.1,72,000.

To ensure you get high-quality solar panels, the best solar inverters and other solar accessories, our installation partners connect with reliable solar panel shops/stores, solar companies, solar dealers and distributors in Naihati.

Who are Our Vetted Installers in Naihati?

Our DISCOM-empanelled vendors in Naihati ensure adherence to MNRE guidelines and use DCR models for rooftop solar panel installation. By partnering with us, you can buy ALMM-listed solar modules for your solar system. Plus, we help you secure subsidies of up to Rs.78,000 under the Pradhan Mantri Surya Ghar Muft Bijli Yojana.

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