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Our solar installation quotations include the brand name, model number, quantity and prices of all the solar equipment. Wait for 1-2 days to receive all quotations, compare them side by side and choose the best one.

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Make Informed Investment with Solar Installation Quotation

Our solar system quotation contains all the important information about your solar system. Our solar installers mention the prices, brand names, model names, warranty period, etc. It helps you know what your solar installer will use for your solar system and what price you will have to bear.

How Does Our Solar Quotation Facility Help?

Do you know?- It is better to get multiple solar quotes from different installers as it provides you with multiple options to choose from. To do so, you may visit multiple installers one by one. But it will consume your valuable time and money. 

By choosing our services you can solve all of these problems in a single platform. At Das Energie Private Limited, we have built a platform where we help to connect solar vendors and customers with each other.

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Solutions Our Solar Installation Quotation Provide?

We solve your problems with our unique solutions such as:

  • You will get free multiple solar panel quotes within 48 hours by filling out a single enquiry form. 
  • You will get solar system quotes only from authentic solar installers as our internal team verifies them carefully.
  • We provide a side-by-side comparison feature to help you make informed decisions easily. 
  • You will see the reviews of our installers to learn about the experience of our existing customers.
  • We do not force you to buy from a particular solar system installer. You have the 101% freedom to choose.
  • Your contact information is safe with us and you will not receive any call until you choose an offer.

How to Get Solar Quotations with Das Energie

Getting solar quotations with Das Energie is a very easy process and takes a maximum of 2 minutes to fill up the form.Here are the steps to apply for a solar panel installation quotation on our platform:

Step 1

Visit our website

Step 2

Click on the ‘get quote’ option from the homepage.

Step 3

Fill up the quotation form with some details such as name, email, phone, home type, state, address, pin code, and average electricity bill per month.

Step 4

Now upload your electricity bill, tick the box and fill in the captcha

Step 5

Lastly, re-check your inputs and click on the ‘Submit Request’ button

Once we receive your solar quotation enquiry, we recheck all your inputs to ensure zero spam requests.

We send your solar quotation request to our solar installation partners. They will send you their detailed quotations according to your solar power requirements. You will compare those quotes and select one at your discretion.

Solar System Installation Process After Selecting Quotation

After selecting a solar quotation, the respective installation partner will schedule a site visit in your free time. During the site visit, you have to confirm the installation. The solar system installer will complete the installation process within the next 20 days.

After installation, our solar installation partner will do a final check to ensure the work efficiency of the system. If any issue occurs, they will resolve it.

Frequently Asked Questions

It takes a maximum of 2 working days to get a solar system quotation from us after the enquiry form is filled up.

You have to pay no fees to get a solar system quotation from nearby solar vendors through us. If anyone asks you to pay, please report the same to our customer care number.

The cost of a 3 KW solar power plant in India depends on your solar panel type, system components, location, etc. However, the average price of this system ranges between Rs.1,90,000 – Rs.2,30,000. If you are eligible for the solar subsidy, you will get Rs.78,000 after installation.

The cost of a 1 KW solar plant in India is around Rs.90,000 – Rs.1,30,000. If you apply for the solar subsidy, you will get back Rs. 30,000 into your bank account from the Central Government.

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