On-Grid and Off-Grid Solar Systems

Differences Between On-Grid and Off-Grid Solar Systems: Which One to Choose?

India has seen a massive jump in solar energy rising up to 84.28 GW in May 2024, from a mere 1.60 GW in 2013. This 31-fold increase in India’s solar…
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Khavda Solar Park

Khavda Solar Park (Gujarat Hybrid Renewable Energy Park): Boosting India’s Solar Landscape

Imagine a vast sunny landscape filled with millions of solar panels glistening in the desert sunshine. This isn’t a futuristic vision; it’s the very real Khavda Solar Park. Also known…
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how solar panels work

How Solar Panels Work And Generate Electricity

A solar system converts sunlight into electricity. Solar panels are like the engines of a solar system. Photovoltaic cells play a fundamental role in electricity generation. The power generated by…
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largest solar power plants in india

List of 10 Largest Solar Power Plants in India

India stands in 5th position globally in terms of solar power generation capacity. As per National Institute of Solar Energy, India’s solar power potential stands at 748 GW. Such is…
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types of solar panels

Best Types Of Solar Panels for Your Home

You can choose from different types of solar panels to set up a solar plant. Mono-PERC half-cut, mono-PERC half-cut bifacial, and TOPCon bifacial are the most-bought panels currently. HJT panels…
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