Solar Projects

We offer unmatched price quotations for both small-scale solar projects for individual homes and large-scale solar projects for housing societies. With us at your end, you can avoid contacting multiple solar installers. Let our expert installers send quotations tailored for your solar project.


We at Das Energie Private Limited offer unmatched experience whether it is for small-scale or large-scale solar projects. Whether it is offering the best solar system that suits your requirement the most or finding the best quotation, we do it all. Our services do not end there. We also provide technicians for

Regular Consultation on Solar System
Site Visit to help you to get best Offers
Solar annual maintenance contract via Partners.

Successful Projects Under Our Regime

Das Energie Private Limited is one of India’s fastest growing solar system marketing companies. We offer all-round solutions for every level of residential as well as commercial use. Our Installation Partners have successfully delivered a large number of projects that have shown incredibly good results that too in affordable prices. Our company has made its mark across all the major segments of the solar power industry in our country. This is possible only because we have delivered world-class team that are both innovative and cost-effective. Das Energie Private Limited offer a great number of options as per your budget as well as electricity requirements. As we offer solar products from some of the most reputed solar brands in the country. Therefore, they are sure to offer you remarkable, long-lasting and reliable performance.

List of some of our successful projects of our Partners

Bardhaman: 10 kWp solar system installation for a residential requirement.
Bardhaman: 50 kWp solar system for housing society requirement.
Kolkata: 99 kWp solar system installation for commercial use.
Kolkata: 15 kWp solar installation for requirement of solar power in a school.
Kolkata: 15 kWp solar system installation for residential purpose.

Let us check out what the customers have to say regarding their journey with us:

Mr Dubey who installed a 10 kWp solar system for his home-

“I wanted to shift to solar for a long time due to the sky-high electric bills that were giving me nightmares. After I checked out their website I contacted them and within a few minutes learnt about the entire process. I got the best brands at quite affordable rates and the technicians were proficient in their job. Got the solar system installed absolutely hassle-free. Now most of the months I pay zero electricity bills thanks to solar. Would highly recommend Das Energie Private Limited to anyone who is having to pay huge sums every month as electricity bills.”

Mr Singh who contacted us for installing a solar power system for a school-

“Was facing quite a lot of issues as the electric bills were skyrocketing each month. This is the reason we decided to shift to solar completely. Contacted Das Energie Private Limited and the solar consultant solved all the queries that we had in our mind regarding solar power. They offer solar accessories from some of the top brands in India and offer themat affordable rates. The installation process was also very smooth. Would surely contact them again in the future if there are further requirements. The technicians of this company certainly know what they are doing. Highly recommended.”

Mr Shaw who installed a 99 kWp solar system for his factory requirement-

“Was planning to shift to solar to lower the levels of pollution in the city and to save loads of money. Sent a mail to Das Energie Private Limited after which they responded immediately. Got the best quote as I compared some of the best solar companies in the city. The technicians were extremely professional in their job and got done with the installation in a hassle-free manner. Will surely contact them if any problem arises in the future. I would suggest Das Energie Private Limited to anyone looking for solar solutions whether residential or commercial.”

Why Choose Us

Shifting to solar is the best option due to the current scenario in terms of depleting fossil fuels and their prices skyrocketing. Solar is a renewable source of energy which is available free of cost. Therefore it is best to make the most of it as well as earn some extra by exporting the excess electricity that you produce back to the grid.

Das Energie Private Limited is quite reputed for delivering solar products of the best quality that too at reasonable rates. Here are some reasons as to why you should choose us to get your solar solution from us

Experienced Technicians

Not only do we offer products from top solar manufacturers but also have the best group of technicians with years of experience. These technicians have ample amount of training regarding the job that they are doing and have years of field experience. They are extremely skilled and are well-versed in terms of technology. These people also know how to manage every level of the project cost-effectively.

Huge Number of Satisfied Customers

The number of satisfied customers increases each day as more people are buying solar solutions from us. Therefore our company is transforming into one of the best solar companies in India. Das Energie Private Limited is reaching out to more and more people each day and are trying to offer solar systems at the most affordable rates. Our company is also offering hassle-free installation at nominal rates. Therefore try us today.

High Return On Investment

In comparison to all other solar aggregators, we are offering the best rate of return on investment. We deal with solar energy projects belonging to different scales. Our company also has great expertise in terms of operating within the confines of regulatory policies as well as varieties of geographical parameters. Not just in Kolkata or Bardhaman, but we are slowly increasing our reach and offering services to the whole of West Bengal. Next, we are aiming to offer our services to the entire country. We offer a wide range of services starting from selling solar products of the top brands in the country to their installation as well as maintenance. We at Das Energie Private Limited are trying to offer solar products from all the big solar manufacturers in the country that too at a reasonable rate. This is to make sure that no people are left behind who cannot afford solar solutions to meet their requirements.

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