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Get the Best Quotation from Solar Vendors in your Region

We at Das Energie Private Limited offer you the best quotation from multiple solar vendors near your region. Our vetted installation partners ensure MNRE-compliant solar installation, helping you get a subsidy up to Rs. 78,000. Get your system installed within 20 days!

With a 1kW solar system, you can save Rs. 1000 every month for up to 25 years. You can save more by installing a higher capacity!

Solar investment offers superior returns compared to traditional investments with nearly 20% to 40% annual return.

A standard 1 kW solar system can reduce carbon emissions equivalent to planting 130 trees or removing 3 cars from the road.

India's Fastest Growing Vendor-Customer Connecting Platform

Das Energie as Rooftop Solar Solution Provider

We are a solar company on a mission to provide affordable rooftop solar solutions nationwide with the first-in-India vendor-customer solar connection platform. Welcome to Das Energie, where solar system installation meets affordability. we are not just a solar company in India – we are a movement towards a brighter and greener future.

India generates 426 GW of power, with solar energy accounting for only around 6% of this generation. We aim to boost solar power generation by facilitating solar panel installation and contributing up to 4.3 MW annually.

We have transformed the way people access clean and renewable energy through solar power installation with our streamlined solar quotation process. On our platform, you can receive and compare solar quotes from multiple vendors.

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rooftop solar solution provider

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Get a consultation with our expert energy advisors. Take the first step towards energy independence! Whether it is pre-installation queries or post-installation support, our team is available 24/7 to assist you.

How We Have Revolutionised Rooftop Solar Panel Installation in India

At Das Energie, we have redefined the solar panel installation process, making it simpler, faster and more accessible than ever before.

Direct Vendor Connection:

We have established a platform that directly connects customers with DISCOM-registered vendors who strictly adhere to MNRE regulations for installing solar power systems.

Fast Quotation Process:

Within just 48 hours of filling out our form, customers receive multiple free quotes for solar module installation from trusted installers, allowing for easy comparison and informed decision-making.

Efficient Installation:

Once a customer selects their preferred vendor, our streamlined solar panel installation services ensure installation is completed within a mere 20 days from the initial site inspection.

Control Over Communication:

Choose your preferred mode of communication and decide when and how you want to be contacted, ensuring that you are not bothered by intrusive sales calls.

Expert Assistance:

Benefit from impartial guidance provided by our experienced Energy Advisors, ensuring that you receive expert support to make informed choices.

Environmental Sustainability:

Harness solar energy and decrease your carbon footprint. Installing a 3kW solar system is equivalent to approximately 390 metric tons of CO2 emissions.

Streamlined Process and Expert Support for Hassle-Free Solar Installations

By revolutionising every aspect of the solar system installation journey – from vendor selection to quote generation to installation timeline – Das Energie is paving the way for a cleaner and greener future for India. The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) is also ambitiously working towards achieving a target of 100 GW solar installed capacity by 2026. Our mission aligns with these national goals, ensuring that every installation not only benefits our customers but also contributes to a sustainable and environmentally friendly energy landscape.

Rooftop Solar System Installation in India

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    What Gives Our Solar Installation an Edge over Traditional Installation Method?

    Typically, finding the right solar installer involves tedious visits, countless inquiries and the risk of compromising on quality for cost savings. Receive comprehensive quotes from multiple trusted vendors, ensuring transparency, quality components, and peace of mind for years to come.

    Our rooftop solar installation service simplifies the quotation process. This reduces your solar adoption time by 80% bringing it down to 2 days, as you choose from multiple vendors for free. We complete the installation process and apply for net metering in 20 days which is the same amount of time you would take to find quotations from reliable vendors!

    Say goodbye to the hassle and hello to hassle-free solar solutions with Das Energie. Experience the difference with Das Energie – where excellence meets sustainability for a brighter future.

    Your Partner in Quality, Transparency and Expert Guidance

    Our Simplified Solar System Installation Process

    At Das Energie, we make the transition to solar energy straightforward and effortless. India is ranked fifth globally in installed power capacity, with 73 gigawatts (GW) of solar power capacity. You can contribute to this target with our efficient home solar system installation process.

    Submit Quotation Form

    Begin by filling out our simple quotation request form. Provide essential details such as your energy consumption, location and desired system capacity.

    Compare Quotations

    Within 48 hours, you will receive multiple detailed quotations outlining equipment specifications, installation costs and warranty information.

    Select Preferred Vendor

    Review the quotations provided by our trusted vendors and select the option that best suits your requirements and budget.

    Site Inspection

    The vendor will conduct a rooftop inspection and finalise a plan for the installation of photovoltaic panels while ensuring compliance with local regulations.

    Installation Process

    Sit back as our experienced installers proceed with the solar system installation on your rooftop using high-quality equipment and adhering to MNRE standards.

    Net Metering Setup

    Following installation, our vendors provide comprehensive post-installation support, including system testing and commissioning. They also assist you with the necessary paperwork for availing subsidies and net metering.

    By choosing Das Energie, you not only ensure a seamless installation process but also actively participate in India’s journey towards achieving its renewable energy target of 500 GW by 2030.

    Ensure Simplified, Transparent and Quality-Driven Solar Solutions!


    98.9% Customer Satisfaction based on Multiple Reviews, Completed Projects, and Happy Clients.

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    Simplified, Transparent and Quality-Driven Solar System Installation

    Our Solar Installation Portfolio

    Showcasing Our Expertise and Commitment

    Explore some of the projects we have undertaken, showcasing our expertise and commitment to delivering high-quality solar installations across various locations.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Das Energie is India’s go-to solar solution provider, offering cost-effective installation services for residential rooftop installation. We connect you with DISCOM-empanelled vendors guaranteeing quality installations aligned with MNRE regulations. We offer a streamlined process from quotation to installation, backed by impartial guidance and personalised communication from our energy experts.

    Our quotations provide a detailed breakdown of all essential solar equipment, such as solar panels, inverters, batteries, ACDB boxes, DCDB boxes and net metering components. We include clear specifications for the model name, number and capacity of each component in the quotation, ensuring full transparency and clarity.

    Step 1: Fill out our online form with your energy requirements.

    Step 2: Receive detailed and transparent quotes from multiple DISCOM-empanelled vendors.

    Step 3: Select your preferred vendor and schedule a site inspection.

    Step 4: Our vendors will complete the entire installation process

    Step 5: Apply for net metering through the local DISCOM.

    Step 6: Benefit from ongoing post-installation maintenance support.

    1. Connects customers with DISCOM-empanelled and MNRE-compliant vendors.
    2. Ensures the use of ALMM-listed solar modules.
    3. Provides transparent and detailed quotations.
    4. Follows MNRE-approved installation guidelines.
    5. Ensures procurement from vetted solar shops, stores, dealers and distributors.

    Yes, under the recently introduced PM Surya Ghar Muft Bijli Yojana you can get subsidies as follows:

    • 1 kW system: Rs. 30,000 subsidy
    • 2 kW system: Rs. 60,000 subsidy
    • 3 kW system or above: Rs. 78,000 subsidy

    Yes, using DCR solar modules from the ALMM, is mandated to get subsidies under the Pradhan Mantri Surya Ghar Muft Bijli Yojana (PMSGMBY).

    Yes, our solar installers are DISCOM-empanelled and follow all the MNRE guidelines during and after installation. Partnering with them enables you to get a subsidy of up to Rs. 78,000.

    Our vendors provide comprehensive post-installation maintenance support. Annual maintenance contracts (AMCs) ensure your system remains efficient and long-lasting.

    Choosing the right solar system size depends on 2 major factors – 1. Power Consumption and 2. Sanctioned Load

    We connect you with DISCOM vendors who will buy DCR solar modules in the ALMM and complete the installation following MNRE guidelines making you qualify for subsidy under PM Surya Ghar. This reduces your installation cost by nearly 40%. We also help you get micro-financing options further decreasing your installation cost. Plus, you can compare quotations and choose a vendor providing fair pricing for installation.

    Yes, in areas with frequent power cuts, you can become independent of the grid with off-grid solar plants. However, you will not be eligible for subsidy under PM Surya Ghar.

    Our vetted installers will give you high quality Mono-PERC or TOPCon solar module from reputed brands.

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