Reliable Solar Company in Telangana to Install Solar Panels

Complete your rooftop solar panel installation in Telangana after comparing quotations from solar vendors registered at your electricity supplier. Compare and select the best local vendors!

Solar Company in Telangana for Detailed Quotations

Telangana’s solar irradiation potential enables the generation of 20GWp of solar energy. The state plans to add 3,000 MW of clean energy capacity within four to five years.

Das Energie Private Limited can help you with multiple free solar quotations for solar panel installation in Telangana. Our transparent quotations include the model name, number and price of the solar module, inverter, ACDB and DCDB box and Array Junction Box (AJB). Make informed decisions and choose a favourable solar company in Telangana to switch to clean energy.

Benefits of Hiring Our Solar Companies in Telangana for Home Solar Panels

  • Customised Residential Solar Solutions: Tailored home solar installations, aligned with MNRE policies and local regulations.
  • Comprehensive Solar Support: Complete assistance in every step of the way, from initial consultation to post-installation maintenance.
  • Expert Guidance: Experienced energy advisors help you navigate through solar options and maximise benefits with informed choices.
  • Transparent Communication: Avoiding intrusive sales calls or unwanted visits. We offer clear and straightforward communication channels.
  • DISCOM-Approved Installers: Partnering with DISCOM-empanelled vendors for reliable and MNRE-compliant installations.
  • Vetted Sellers: Our solar installers buy solar modules, inverters and other equipment from reliable solar shops, stores, distributors and dealers in Telangana.

DISCOMs in Telangana Offering On-Grid Solar Connection Facility

In Telangana, there are two official electricity distributors: 

MNRE Registered DISCOM in Telangana

Head Office Location

Nodal Officer

Southern Power Distribution Company of Telangana Limited

6-1-50,Mint Compound,Hyderabad-500 063

Sh Sampath Anand Babu

Northern Power Distribution Company of Telangana Limited

Vidyuth Bhavan, Nakkalagutta, Hanamkonda Warangal TG 506001

V. Chandrashekhar

These are the only DISCOMs in Telangana that are MNRE registered. 

All our installation partners are empanelled with these 2 DISCOMs making you eligible for subsidies up to Rs. 78,000 under the Pradhan Mantri Surya Ghar Muft Bijli Yojana. We ensure hassle-free rooftop solar PV installations, meeting all regulations under MNRE guidelines.

Who are Our DISCOM-Empanelled Solar Installers?

Our installation partners offer tailored solar solutions for homes across Telangana. From consultation to installation and support, Das Energie is your reliable solar partner every step of the way. 

A few solar installers in Telangana are mentioned here:

Empanelled Solar Installers in Telangana


Arka Energy Solutions

Malani Colony, Secunderabad, Bowenpally, Hyderabad, Telangana – 500011


133, Siri Arcade, 401, Old Mumbai Hwy, Lumbini Avenue, Gachibowli, Hyderabad, Telangana 500032

Accutech Infosystems Pvt Ltd

HC2H+V3X, Suraram, Hyderabad, Telangana 500043

Asthra Projects

Plot No.65 2nd floor Anupuram Colony Dr A.S.Rao Nagar, Trimulgherry – ECIL Rd, Post, Hyderabad, Telangana 500062

Assure Energy Systems

No.51, Ward No 7 Secunderabad, Aruna Enclave, Tirumalagiri, Hyderabad, Secunderabad, Telangana 500015

Telangana has more than 250 vendors as of April 2024. Visit the official website of National Rooftop Solar to find the list of empanelled solar installers in Telangana for rooftop solar installation.

Rooftop Installation Process by Solar Companies in Telangana

  • Quotation Form Submission: Fill out our simple form with essential details.
  • Vendor Quotations: Receive detailed quotes from DISCOM-approved installers in Telangana, within 48 hours.
  • Installation Discussion: Directly communicate with a chosen solar company in Telangana to finalise installation plans.
  • MNRE Guidelines Adherence: Ensure compliance with MNRE standards throughout the installation process.
  • Precise Installation: Meticulous setup of rooftop solar systems by skilled professionals.

Solar Power Installation Progress in Telangana in 2024

Telangana aims for energy self-reliance by 2030. Currently, it has 343 MW installed rooftop solar capacity and a total solar capacity of 4.7 GW (PIB Report), ranking 2nd in solar power capacity per unit area. This is far behind their solar potential of 20.41 GW. The state government plans to add 3 GW of clean energy within 4-5 years, highlighting the state’s commitment to renewable energy adoption.

Telangana is adopting innovative solar models, including the installation of a floating solar plant of 100 MW in NTPC Ramagundam and Agrivoltaics systems. Today, with 7.5 GW of renewable energy, the state is making significant advancements towards sustainable power.

Our DISCOM vendors, assist you in securing subsidies for your solar installations in Telangana. They guide you through the process, making it easier for you to go solar, save on your electricity bills and contribute to Telangana’s overall solar power capacity.

Telangana Renewable Energy Policy

Steps taken for residential solar promotion:

  • Solar customers in Telangana can choose either gross or net metering option.
  • The selling price of excess electricity for gross metering below or equal to 11 kV will be equal to DISCOM’s average cost of service.
  • Inclusion of solar loans in home loan/home improvement loan schemes, up to Rs. 10 lacs.

Tariff Rates in Telangana

  • The charge for the initial 200 units will be Rs. 5.10 per unit. 
  • Following that, units 201-300 will be billed at Rs. 7.70 per unit. 
  • For units 301-400, the charge will be Rs. 9.00 per unit. 
  • Units beyond 400 will be billed at Rs. 9.50 per unit.

So, as the energy consumption increases, the tariff also becomes higher. You can get rid of the worries about tariff hikes by adopting solar power generation.

Subsidy in Telangana under PM Surya Ghar Scheme

The subsidy calculation for solar installations in Telangana under the PM Surya Ghar scheme follows a structured approach based on the system capacity.

    • 1 kW Solar System:  Rs. 30,000.
    • 2 kW Solar System: Rs. 60,000.
    • 3 kW Solar System: Rs. 78,000.
    • 4 kW Solar System: Rs. 78,000.

By leveraging the subsidy, homeowners can make environment-friendly choices while enjoying long-term energy savings. Enjoy cost-effective solar installation with a top solar company in Telangana through our user-friendly quotation process.

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