Solar Installation Accessories

Solar installation accessories are small yet critical components of a solar system. These components ensure that all other components are well connected with one another and are functioning effectively. These include both solar panel mounting accessories as well as electrical accessories. Keep reading to find all you need to know about various types of solar installation accessories.

Components Needed for Solar Installation

Solar mounting accessories include

While electrical balance of system accessories areas follows

Solar panel mounting accessories help in holding solar panels in place so that you can install them in a proper manner on a roof or any other surface. While balance of system accessories makes sure that solar system as a whole operates properly. We at Das Energie Private Limited offer solar installation components of top-notch quality that too at great discounts. Connect with us to get your quote today.

Working of Each Component

Let us now understand in detail as to what solar installation accessories basically do:

Solar Base Plates

These ensure a proper foundation for solar panel structures. Solar base plates are strong enough to hold the weight of solar panels whether you install them on the roof, ground or other surfaces. It provides structural stability not only to solar panel structure but also to the entire installation.

End Z Clamps

These are Z-shaped metallic tools that are used for the purpose of holding solar panels to the structure. This shape ensures proper grip and no gaps between mounting structure and solar panels.

Middle U Clamps

These U-shaped clamps are located in the middle of mounting rail and are used to hold two solar panels simultaneously. They are used in pairs on rail of solar panel frames. Their purpose is to hold the panels so that they do not slide down or away from each other which might cause them to fall off their mounts.

Solar Degree Angles

These are angle-adjustment mechanism that makes sure solar panels are installed at the right angle. This ensures that the panels receive the maximum amount of sunlight. Further adjustments is possible by turning the knobs in response to changes in angle of sunlight over time.

Solar Nuts and Bolts

These are crucial accessories for attaching solar panel frames to mounting brackets. They come in different shapes, sizes and materials and provide the necessary support to the structure.

Power Snap

It is an anti-theft clip which secures solar panels and other equipment. This clip sides into the module frame and snaps into the rail. They come in different sizes, are easy to install and affordable as well.

Fastener Chemical Bottle

This is necessary to securely bond the nails and screws to the roof or other surfaces. While using this a nozzle and specially designed gun are used to inject the chemical into the drilled hole before fixing the bolts. After the bolts are fixed it is left to dry and solidify with the concrete surface.

Solar Wires

This is the medium through which electricity passes from solar panels to inverter. There are two types of wires available in the market, one is AC wire and another is DC wire.

Solar Connectors

MC4 solar connectors help in connecting solar panels in a series or parallelly. While connecting you need to insert the male connector into the female connector.

Charge Controller

It is an electronic device that makes sure how much power passes from the solar array to the solar battery. This is to make sure that the battery is not overcharged and that the power does not run back to the solar panel and drain the batteries.

Earthing Kit

This kit protects the solar system from thunder

Safety Equipment

These are for the protection of solar system from any faulty conditions. They include circuit breakers, surge arrestors, grounding methods etc.

Lightning Arrestor

This device helps by offering protection from lightning.

Direct Current Distribution Board (DCDB)/ Alternating Current Distribution Board (ACDB)

DCDB help in connecting the output power from solar panels to the inverter. While ACDB transfers the electric power from the solar inverter to the AC load system via an energy meter.

Net Meter and Solar Meter

Net meter is an important component in an on-grid solar system as it helps to keep the reading of how much current you export to the grid and import from it. This helps in claiming credit for future electricity bills. We at Das Energie Private Limited offer all these accessories manufactured by the top solar brands in the country. Contact us today to get the best quality products at affordable rates.

How to Choose the Best Quality Solar Installation Accessories

Whether you are opting for an on-grid solar system or an off-grid solar system, solar installation accessories are a must for both. These accessories allow the flow of electricity safely through the entire system. Before purchasing you therefore need to make sure that all the components are of premium quality and function well. Also check the features, specifications and whether they are adjustable, of a manageable weight and a similar type that is suitable for your system. Most importantly make sure that they meet all your requirements. This will ensure that the overall performance is not hampered in any way. Make sure that the meters used are not faulty and show the correct reading. Do not compromise with the quality of the small components like wires and switches with the aim to save a few bucks. Always remember that all these components play a crucial role in the overall efficiency of the entire solar system. Therefore use components of top quality even if they cost you slightly more. Now that you are aware of the importance of each accessory necessary for solar installation. It is important to choose products from a brand that is reliable in terms of quality. Contact Das Energie Private Limited today to get all the solar installation accessories from the best brands. We also offer discounts to ensure that you get the products at affordable rates.

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