Solar Company in Durgapur for Cost-Effective Rooftop Solar Installation

Save your monthly bill on electricity by installing rooftop solar panels on your house rooftop. Find the best DISCOM registered solar panel installation company in Durgapur with us.

Install Solar Panel with Our Solar Company in Durgapur

The steel city of West Bengal, Durgapur, gets residential electricity from Durgapur Thermal Power Station under WBSEDCL. Although the plant is sufficient to produce enough residential and commercial electricity, the power generation process leaves lots of ashes and greenhouse gases. Help India reach the net zero target by installing rooftop solar panels for home electricity purposes.

If the cost is your concern, you should know that it will take around 4-5 years to get back all your initial spending on grid-tied rooftop solar installation. Plus, you can now get a subsidy of up to Rs.78000 capacity of on-grid solar capacity from the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE). It will reduce your burden of initial investment. So, what you are waiting for? Find the best and most affordable solar company in Durgapur with us for your rooftop solar panel installation.

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Steps to Get a Solar Company in Durgapur with Das Energie

At Das Energie, you will just have to send a request for solar quotations. You will get multiple quotations from DISCOM empanelled solar companies and choose one that offers the most attractive and feasible deal.

Complete the simple steps for home solar power system installation:

Step 1: Submit Quotation Form

Fill in the quotation form with the basic details and submit it. You will have to fill in your monthly power consumption (in units), address, capacity required, etc., and attach a copy of your last electricity bill.

Step 2: Compare Received Quotations

Our solar installation partners will check your requirements and give their quotations, including the brand and model number of solar panels, solar inverters, AC DB and DC DB Box and Array Junction Box (AJB), number and capacity of each solar panels, installation charges etc. Compare the quotes given by our solar installation companies near Durgapur and select one at your discretion.

Step 3: Contact the Selected Vendor

You will get the selected vendor’s contact details. The vendor will assess the rooftop area for the project feasibility and help you with the solar installation application at WBSEDCL, your power distribution company (DISCOM) in Durgapur.

Step 4: Complete Rooftop Solar Installation

The solar vendor will plan the rooftop solar panel installation according to MNRE-approved guidelines and install the solar system. Our partners use the Approved List of Models And Manufacturers (ALMM) listed panels to help you get the solar panel subsidy.

Step 5: Complete Net Metering

After installation, our solar installation partner will help you apply for a net meter at WBSEDCL, the main device that calculates electricity export and import. Once you get it, they will connect it with the rooftop solar system and grid.

At every step, you will get complete guidance and support till the solar system installation is complete.

Cost Charged by Solar Installation Company in Durgapur for Rooftop Solar

Here is the list of home solar panel installation costs in Durgapur:

Rooftop Solar Capacity Installation Cost - Without Subsidy Subsidy Installation Cost - With Subsidy
1 kW Rs.90,000 - Rs.1,30,000 Rs.30,000 Rs.60,000 - Rs.1,00,000
2 kW Rs.1,40,000 - Rs.1,80,000 Rs.60,000 Rs.80,000 - Rs.1,20,000
3 kW Rs.1,90,000 - Rs.2,30,000 Rs.78,000 Rs.1,12,000 - Rs.1,52,000
4 kW Rs.2,40,000 - Rs.2,80,000 Rs.78,000 Rs.1,62,000 - Rs.2,02,000
5 kW Rs.2,90,000 - Rs.3,30,000 Rs.78,000 Rs.2,12,000 - Rs.2,52,000
6 kW Rs.3,40,000 - Rs.3,80,000 Rs.78,000 Rs.2,62,000 - Rs.3,02,000
8 kW Rs.4,40,000 - Rs.4,80,000 Rs.78,000 Rs.3,62,000 - Rs.4,02,000
10 kW Rs.5,40,000 - Rs.5,80,000 Rs.78,000 Rs.4,62,000 - Rs.5,02,000

Disclaimer: Listed here is an average estimated cost of rooftop solar panel installation in Durgapur as of February 2024 and the cost is subject to vary. 

Why Should You Hire Solar Installation Service through Das Energie

We envision making the process of solar installation seamless not only for Durgapur but for the whole of India as well. Here are the major benefits you will get through our platform:

  1. Reduction in the Installation Cost
  2. Contact with DISCOM listed Vendors
  3. Installation As Per MNRE Guidelines
  4. Guidance for Solar Panel Subsidy
  5. Comparison of quotations from multiple vendors
  6. List of prices of solar equipment brands & models
  7. Get to buy solar panels and components affordably

Most importantly, individual solar shops, stores, dealers and distributors give only their preferred products. At our platform, you will get the option to choose from our different partnered solar vendors.

Who are Our Partnered Solar Companies in Durgapur?

At our platform, you will get such DISCOM solar installers from your nearby location in Durgapur. While partnering, we make sure that they follow MNRE guidelines of solar module installation so that you get the solar subsidy.

FAQs on Solar Panel Installation in Durgapur

You will have to submit your recent electricity bill and commissioning certificate while applying for the subsidy under the PM Surya Ghar Scheme.

Solar panel installation significantly reduces the carbon footprint by harnessing clean and renewable energy. It minimises reliance on fossil fuels, thus contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gas.

Yes, solar panels can still generate electricity on cloudy days, but at a reduced efficiency.

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