Rooftop Solar Panel Installation in Dankuni - Best Solar Quotes

Our platform gives you the best quotations for rooftop solar panel installation in Dankuni from solar vendors near you. Compare the quotes and select one vendor.

Rooftop Solar Installation in Dankuni with Das Energie

A municipality in Hooghly, Dankuni falls under the Kolkata Metropolitan Development Authority. With the government promoting solar energy, you can transition from grid-tied electricity with local vendors.

Finding the best solar vendor for rooftop solar panel installation in Dankuni? We have made the process more convenient for you. Our platform lets you get several rooftop solar installation quotations from your nearby DISCOM empanelled vendors.

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What is our Rooftop Solar Panel Installation Process?

Our solar installation partner sends quotes according to the energy requirements of customers. They send a detailed quote with the model number and brand name of all equipment with the price.

Therefore, you can compare those quotes to get the best vendor in Dankuni for you. They complete the installation process by considering all the MNRE guidelines helping you become eligible for a subsidy of up to Rs.78,000. They guide you even after the installation about how to maintain the solar system.

Cost of Solar Panel Installation for Home in Dankuni

The cost of solar panel systems depends on their capacity.

  1. A 1kW solar panel system costs Rs.90,000. After subsidy, this comes down to Rs.60,000.
  2. A 2 kW solar panel system costs Rs.1,40,000. After subsidy, this goes down to Rs.80,000.
  3. A 3 kW solar panel system costs Rs.1,90,000. After the subsidy, you have to pay Rs.1,12,000.

Get our quotes and save with rooftop solar panel installation!

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