Rooftop Solar Panel Installation in Krishnanagar with Subsidy

Install rooftop solar panels in Krishnanagar with the best solar installer after checking and comparing multiple quotations. We help you select a solar vendor after getting fully informed.

Rooftop Solar Panel Installation in Krishnanagar

The headquarters of Nadia district, Krishnanagar is a municipality which gets electricity supply from WBSEDCL. It is a vibrant city in West Bengal with a lot of historical and cultural importance. Recently the city has stepped up in the usage of rooftop solar energy, keeping in line with the government’s efforts towards green power generation.

Now it is your time for rooftop solar installation in Krishnanagar to lower environmental impact and lessen reliance on traditional power grids. Aligning with the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy’s (MNRE) ambitious targets, Krishnanagar is actively adopting the Pradhan Mantri Surya Ghar Muft Bijli Yojana (PMSGMBY). This scheme offers substantial subsidies for solar panel installation of up to Rs. 78,000. 

Das Energie enables this widespread adoption of solar energy in Krishnanagar and promotes environmental conservation by connecting you to Discom-registered vendors.

Rooftop Solar Services of Das Energie in Krishnanagar

Our swift solutions for rooftop solar panel installation in Krishnanagar help you in the following ways:

  • We swiftly provide you with multiple vendor choices
  • We give you the best competitive quotations to compare
  • We connect you directly with the MNRE-approved vendor of your choice
  • Our installing partners guide you after installation with attractive AMCs.

Cost of Rooftop Solar Panel Installation in Krishnanagar

Solar System Capacity Estimated Cost per System (Rs.) Subsidy Available (Rs.) Cost after Subsidy (Rs.)
1 kW Rs.90,000 Rs.30,000 Rs.40,000
2 kW Rs.1,40,000 Rs.60,000 Rs.80,000
3 kW Rs.1,90,000 Rs.78,000 Rs.1,12,000
4 kW Rs.2,50,000 Rs.78,000 Rs.1,72,000
5 kW Rs.3,20,000 Rs.78,000 Rs.2,42,000
8 kW Rs.3,80,000 Rs.78,000 Rs.3,02,000

Get the best rooftop solar installers in Krishnanagar today with Das Energie and begin your journey towards sustainability. Get in touch for personalised solar solutions according to your power requirements.

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