Rooftop Solar Panel Installation in Newtown – Registered Installers

Select the right vendor for your rooftop solar panel installation in Newtown with Das Energie. You will get quotes from multiple Newtown-based solar installers. Compare and choose.

Convenient Rooftop Solar Panel Installation in Newtown

Grid-connected rooftop solar panel installation in Newtown has become more convenient for households with our platform, Das Energie. This platform lets you receive quotations from nearby DISCOM empanelled vendors for home solar panel installation. The quotations include prices, model numbers and brand names of all the solar equipment which the vendor promises to use for your energy requirements.

solar panel installation newtown

Who are our Solar Installers?

You will have to compare received solar system installation quotations and select one vendor. This comparison helps you get the best deals without even asking multiple vendors separately. All our installing partners in Newtown are empanelled solar vendors and they use DCR (Domestic Content Requirement) solar modules. They also follow all MNRE guidelines making you eligible to get subsidies worth up to Rs.78,000, under the Pradhan Mantri Surya Ghar Muft Bijli Yojana.

How Our Platforms Help You in Rooftop Solar Panel Installation

  1. You will receive quotations within 1-2 days from multiple MNRE-approved registered vendors 
  2. You receive free quotes from vetted installers swiftly, saving you valuable time
  3. Our local vendors in Newtown offer you AMCs at attractive costs
  4. We offer hassle-free services and proper support for you to make informed decisions
  5. You enjoy control over your communication preferences, avoiding intrusive calls

Get Quotations and start your solar journey!

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