Rooftop Solar Panel Installation in Purulia with Das Energie

Get the right solar vendor for rooftop solar panel installation in Purulia from our platform. Here, you can apply for solar installation quotations from DISCOM vendors. Get the best quotes now.

Rooftop Solar Panel Installation in Purulia with our Vendors

Purulia is located in the western part of West Bengal and is famous for its forests, hills and dams. As India is moving towards cleaner more sustainable energy solutions, Purulia is welcoming the transition to rooftop solar panel installations.

To ramp up home solar panel installation, Das Energie brings a platform to help people get quotes from solar vendors. It can help you get the most affordable and dependable vendors if you are installing solar panels in Purulia.

Home Solar Power Systems in Purulia with Subsidy

Transitioning to solar power in Purulia is more affordable with government subsidies. Under Pradhan Mantri Surya Ghar Muft Bijli Yojana (PMSGMBY) you can get a subsidy of up to Rs. 78,000 which makes the switch affordable for Purulia residents.

You can also save nearly Rs.25,000 each month by installing a 3kW rooftop solar panel system in Purulia and becoming energy independent (considering the electricity tariff is Rs.8/unit). This is because a 3kW solar system can help you generate around 12 units of electricity per day.

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How to Select a Home Solar Panel System in Purulia with Das Energie?

Step 1: Submit your basic details and energy requirements and receive solar quotations

Step 2: Compare and choose the most suitable quotation

Step 3: Complete the installation process following MNRE regulations

Step 4: Apply for net metering and let your partner install it

Follow this simple 4-step guide to get the best rooftop solar installation partners in Purulia, with Das Energie.

FAQs on Rooftop Solar Panel Installation in Purulia

  1. Are our solar installation vendors DISCOM approved?

Yes, our solar installers are DISCOM-empanelled and follow all the MNRE guidelines during and after installation. Partnering with them enables you to get a subsidy of up to Rs. 78,000.

  1. How do solar panels depreciate?

Solar Panels depreciate about 1% in 2 years. After 25 years, the solar panels depreciate around 12 to 15% and the efficiency of the solar panels becomes around 80%.

  1. Are solar modules required to be in the ALMM?

All solar equipment must be DCR (Domestic Content Requirement), taken from the manufacturers in the ALMM list, to help you avail of subsidy under the PMSGMBY scheme.

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