Solar Installation Company in Salt Lake for Rooftop Solar System

Shift to sustainable energy with rooftop solar panel installation in Salt Lake with the help of our solar company in Salt Lake!

Rooftop Solar Panel Installation in Salt Lake with Our Installers

Salt Lake was planned in the 1960s to manage the bustling Kolkata population. Today, Salt Lake has become an increasingly busy residential sector, overburdened with energy requirements. This has made the city focus on alternative power sources.

With the city shifting its focus to solar power, Das Energie can help you access rooftop solar installation in Salt Lake. We can give you favourable quotations from trusted and empanelled vendors to help you adopt grid-connected rooftop solar systems.

How to Find the Best Solar Company for Rooftop Solar Panel Installation

Step 1: Fill in our ‘Quotation Form’ by providing basic details for installation

After this, you will get multiple quotations from our installation partner within 1-2 days.

Step 2: Review quotes from DISCOM-approved installers.

Step 3: Select the installing partner and discuss project specifics.

Step 4: Our installation partner will complete the installation process adhering to MNRE guidelines.

Das Energie provides a seamless on-grid solar panel installation process in Salt Lake. We help you connect with your nearby DISCOM-registered installers and MNRE-approved solar partners.

Get quotations for your home rooftop solar panel installation!

Benefits of Hiring Our Solar Installation Company in Salt Lake

Rooftop solar installation is a progressive step towards environmental consciousness and energy independence while making Salt Lake a greener place.

  1. Cost-Efficiency: Take control of your energy costs and enjoy long-term savings with rooftop solar panel installation in Salt Lake. You will save electricity bills of up to 120 units/month for up to nearly 25 years, with a 1KW rooftop solar system.
  2. Government Subsidies: At Das Energie, all our vendors and installation partners are ALMM-approved and provide DCR models. This helps you easily get a subsidy of up to Rs. 78,000 under Pradhan Mantri Surya Ghar Muft Bijli Yojana.
  3. Environmental Sustainability: Harness solar energy and decrease your carbon footprint. Installing a 3kW solar system is equivalent to the carbon reduction benefit you can bring by planting 130 trees.
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